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Donghai College held Year 2017 Graduation Ceremoy.

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On June 10th, the Year 2017 Graduation Ceremony of Donghai College was held. Chairman Cao gave speech on the graduation ceremony that he represented to express warm congratulations to the 1907 graduates who had successfully completed their studies. At the same time, Mr. Cao hoped that the graduates would to keep heart on finding a dream, and they had keeping an attitude on making decisions and never give up. They should always maintain on keeping feeling grateful in order to achieve their dream by hard working. Spokesmen felt grateful to Donghai College and blessing seniors include ChenYong who was a graduation representative of Customs Class of Economics and Management Institute and AyixainGuli who was a student at school of Clothing Class from Art Institute and ZhangBing’s parent whose son studied in Automotive Industry Class of Mechanical and Electrical Institute. Also, Ms. WuJingfang, the Dean of Business Institute, was on the tiptoe of expectation on the Year 2017 graduates. The leaders presented awards for the Year 2017 excellent graduates and presented certificates to them. President XiangJiaxiang gave a speech named “Keep studying and never ever stop” to call attention graduates and make progress while working in order to make Motherland stronger and enrich nations

At last, graduate representatives presented to give a bouquet to their teachers for their teaching and cultivation. The ceremony ended with a beautiful song “Graduation”.

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