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Delegation of Western Illinois University (WIU) Visiting Donghai

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On Oct. 18, 2016, Ehren Kuzekow, Director of the Office of International Exchange of Western Illinois University (WIU), paid a visit to our college. Present at the meeting were Xiang Jiaxiang, President of our college; Yin Leifang, Vice President of our college; Zuo Tiantian, teacher representative who was a member of the first batch of study tour to WIU; and the Office of International Exchange.

President Xiang Jiaxiang warmly welcomed Ehren, and introduced the basic conditions of our college. The summer short-term learning & exchange between the two parties have lasted for three years, and have been very fruitful. Yin Leifang, Vice President of our college, thanked the delegation of WIU for their considerate arrangements for our students pursing overseas study there, and expressed his hope that more professional cooperative models to launch further cooperation between the two parties (such as programs of various technical skill certificates with international influence) and to strengthen the competitiveness of students. Ehren highly approved of his point, and said that a program development plan would be prepared after through communicating with various majors after she came back to America.

After the meeting, Ehren met with the three students applying for further study in WIU and answered their questions. She was also showed around the campus.




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