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Kibi International University visited Donghai College

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   On March 23rd, Mr. Hiroaki Inoue, famous producer and Professor of Kibi International University, and Zhang Hua, director of Kibi International University in Shanghai Office, conducted an international friendly visit to Donghai College. Accompanied by Wang Xiangyu, vice professor of media institute and the leaders of relevant departments, they visited campus and attended the forum.

  Professor Hiroaki Inoue had an informal discussion with the leader and teacher representative of media institute after he looked around academic training rooms of media institute which were Donghai creative garden, film production studio, DaVinci toning training room and 3D printing practice room. Mr. Zuo Tiantian, president assistant of media institute, introduced professional development of media institute such as course design, the production and teaching and research collaboration base, and focus on professional international trend on main course. Professor Hiroaki Inoue introduced the history and Professional development trend of Kibi International University at present, shared to review producing and creation experience of "Astro Boy" and "heaven and earth". During the discussion, Professor Hiroaki Inoue and director Zhang Hua watched the film and television production of students from media institute which superb technical and artistic standards brought out a surprise to him.

  Subsequently, Professor Hiroaki Inoue and director Zhang Hua visited practice environment of other academic training room, such as Donghai Bank, Aviation simulation cabin and Donghai hospital. Both sides carried out a plan with a detailed discussion in regard to cooperation in running Schools and the development of the project about higher education degree promotion both in undergraduate and postgraduate course. The representatives of two schools were filled with expectation on cooperation and common development of the high-level interaction and common international work in the future.








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