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Vice president of SUNY Oswego, Dr. Mckeown visited our campus

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       Invited by Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College, vice president of SUNY Oswego educational America & director of international educational affairs , Joshua McKeown paid a friendly visit to our college on March 21st, 2017. President Xiang Jiaxiang Vice President Ying Leifang Dean of President’s office Li Ximeng, Dean of International Exchange Office Yang Jing, Dean of Associate Business College Wu Jingfang with Tutors and students attended the conference. With the warm and enthusiastic atmosphere, the two parts reviewed the cooperation and communication since the establishment of relationship and exchange the views on “2+2” Sino-US cooperation project. 

       On behalf of Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College,  President Yin expressed his warm welcome to Dr. Mckeown . President Yin also showed his wish that the two colleges share with educational resources and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between tutors and students on the basis of mutual benefit.

       Mckeown replied that the cooperation between the two colleges made an indelible impression on him since our cooperation at the end of last year. Oswego has established cooperative relationship with a dozen colleges and universities in China , but Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College is the first vocational college to cooperate with SUNY Oswego., He is looking forward to the further development of cooperation with Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College. Dr. Mckeown and Dean Wu of business school introduced the promotion of “2+2 project” in two colleges respectively. By the end of last year, with the efforts of both sides,three majors of business school finance,international trade and marketing management had already accredited with three majors finance, business management and marketing management of SUNY Oswego, which creates better condition for the students from Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College to further study in the United States. Currently, there are five students of Grade 2 and 3 from business school  are planning to apply for undergraduate course in the United States in the fall of 2017.

        In the final statement, President Xiang pointed out the attitude that the leaders of Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College are supportive to the internationalization of education while our students are very enthusiastic , the government is very encouraged, the society is very understanding. President Xiang also invited the students from Oswego to visit our school and establish a deeper relationship. During the talks, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement of Chinese version.

        After the meeting, Dr. Mckeown gave a presentation entitled "Introduction to 2+2" to the freshmen of Business School.The presentation was easy to understand and humorous, leaving the students a complete impression on the learning environment, conditions and goals and requirements of college in USA. In the arrangement of business school, Dr Mckeown and five students ,who are willing to apply for undergraduate course in the United States this year, have lunch together. Dr. Mckeown were consulted with the specific matters of how to enter college in USA and all the puzzles were solved by Dr. Mckeown. 

       SUNY Oswego established officially international cooperation with Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technical College in March 2016 ,signing cooperative agreement of English version at the mean time.  Dr Mckeown’s visit  promoted and deepened exchanges and cooperation between the two colleges.






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