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The principal of Stamford International University of Thailand visited Donghai College

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  On March 25th, Mr.Gilles Mahe, who is CEO of Reed education group Thailand Center and the principal of Stamford International University of Thailand, visits Donghai college and negotiates cooperation. Mr. Yin Leifang, vice-president of Donghai College, and Ms. Zhou Menghua, the director of Aviation institute, attend the meeting.

Stamford International University of Thailand is a Private University with undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree which admitted and put on file by Ministry of education of both China and Thailand. The university owns rich international education resource and works deeply with more than 100 enterprises in various industries at the same time that setting up internship and employment platform for students. Aviation business management course (undergraduate degree) is the professional course of the university and it accepts international students. According to course setting of Flight attendant course and Civil Aviation course of Aviation institute in Donghai College, Stamford International University of Thailand provides 2+2 upgraded education model. Also, it can provide bilingual teaching course according the study situation of Chinese students.

  For Stamford International University of Thailand, this visit is not only a return visit to Donghai College, but also it is a model to make arrangements with Donghai College for further discussion and international education cooperation. Both sides have established good communications, and negotiations are confirmed by both presidents which is a further promotion for cooperation. In the near future, students of Aviation institute even the whole College students will have more chance to broaden their international vision and lead us trend to world arena.






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