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“3+2” Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) Overseas-study Program of the School of Communication

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“3+2” Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) Overseas-study Program of the School of Communication

To meet the needs of some students for further overseas study and educational background upgrading, the School of Communication has reached an agreement with Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics (KCGI) through active negotiations, according to which they will carry out the “3+2” PQP Overseas-study Program in partnership. Currently, KCGI is the only “3+2” PQP program nationwide, and the training program of the School of Communication for three majors, i.e., film & TV animation, radio, film & television program production, and computer application technology, have been recognized by the Japanese partner based on mutual recognition of credits. For students of any of the above three majors, if they have obtained the graduation certificate of Donghai and attended our Pre-Master program during their academic years, they may apply for receiving (two-year) master education under the “PQP” program of KCGI in the year of graduation. If they pass all the examinations, they will be granted with a Certificate of Master’s Degree recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

At present, the Pre-Master program has enrolled three phases of trainees, and 24 students have gone to Japan for further study. There are a total of 40 in-school students of grades 2014 and 2015 currently studying under the Pre-Master program, and they will enter KCGI to study for their Master Degrees by batches. The achievements have played a very significant role in the enrollment work of 2016, and received very good results.

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